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A Vision for Reducing BC's Transportation Emissions

A Vision for Reducing BC's Transportation Emissions

December 05, 2013

Rob Abbott from the Climate Action Secretariat has a vision of what low-carbon transportation could look like in BC.

Rob Abbott is the Executive Director of Carbon Neutral Government & Climate Action Outreach at the Climate Action Secretariat

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With nearly 40% of BC's carbon emissions coming from the transportation sector, it's time to talk about more efficient ways of moving people, goods, and services around the province. Transportation lies at the heart of our cities and the economy and plays an important role in shaping land-use patterns, communities, and our behaviour. Rob Abbott, Executive Director of Carbon Neutral Government & Climate Action Outreach at the Climate Action Secretariat, has a vision for the future of transportation in BC. His talk will address the challenges and opportunities for reducing transportation emissions in BC and will touch on the following ideas:

  • The potential for natural gas to fuel commercial and light trucks in BC
  • Expansion of urban rapid transit
  • Car-sharing
  • Transit-oriented development and land-use patterns that improve transportation options and affordability

The event will be webcast live, join the conversation on Twitter (#BCTranspo) and tweet your questions to @CarbonTalks. We would like to acknowledge the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions for their support in delivering this Carbon Talk.

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